Statement Necklaces – Who Defines Them?

GalleriaLinda Jewerly Statement NecklaceIt would not take long to find a “statement necklace” if you surf for jewelry online. Search on Google for this term in the Google Images and you will see a variety of designs that are ho-hum to the sublime. If you think about it, it is the designer that bestows this description on certain designs. However, I believe that it is the browsing buyer that defines for themselves what a “statement necklace” is and what is not.

A statement necklace, taken literally, means that the design is avant garde and it makes a statement about the designer and about the person who will wear it. What you consider a to be a statement piece of jewelry is different than what I would consider as a statement jewelry piece.

And, exactly what does that statement say? To the designer, it could reveal a bit about their personality, style, design sense, and design boundaries. For the wearer, it exposes that fun, glamor side. It shows fashion sense, avant gard taste, and design sensibility.

Either way, the “statement necklace” is self-defining. Go ahead! Make your statement!

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