Using Vintage Components in Jewelry Making

Vintage components add such richness and interest to handmade jewelry designs.

Sourcing unique components for my designs is very important to me. When I find a rare vintage component is in low quantity on the market or is nowhere else found, I am excited for the future owner of the “yet to be designed jewelry.” That will make the jewelry designs truly one-of-a-kind. Many colors, textures, and designs from the 50s-60s are so great and no longer available except through sourcing vintage materials.

There are warehouses from old, closed up jewelry manufacturers – most on the east coast – that have opened up to wholesalers their decades of inventory storage. Called NOS, or “New Old Stock,” you get what you see, because there is no guarantee that those beads, pendants, or components will still be available on the market tomorrow.

Here is a photo sampling of GalleriaLinda’s jewelry designs using vintage components.

Jewery with Vintage Components01Jewery with Vintage Components02

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